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Enthusiasm - Polly Shulman Basically an ode to Jane Austen (especially P&P) so enough reason for me to have liked it. However, if you take all that away, the main character can feel a bit superficial and to be honest, I did not particularly like her (personally I think she tends to complain a lot). Ashleigh or Ned are actually much more interesting. Also, the story was very predictable. I kept on hoping that Julie would eventually end up with Ned (much more interesting than the handsome, talented, i-can-pretty-much-do-everything-dreamguy Parr), however after the first 25% of the book it was clear that it was not gonna happen. Also, usually I devour books like this within an evening, but somehow it still took me more than a week to finish the book. Overall a nice quick read, just don't expect fireworks, butterflies and rainbows, if you catch my drift;)